Hepatitis What is Hepatitis? Hepatitis literally translates to “Inflammation of the Liver”. Though a healthy liver has multiple functions, its most important function is to

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Flu 101: Myth vs. Fact

Flu 101: Myth vs. Fact Flu season brings about its fair share of skepticism and queries, especially with COVID-19 cases on the rise yet again.

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Health and Posture

Health and Posture Working from home and not using an office setup like a desk and chair? This has become quite common since the onset

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all about dengue - Fitto

All about Dengue

All about Dengue Spread by: Mosquito bites Symptoms: Fever, chills, rigor and body aches Diagnosis: Blood tests Severity: 6% fatality rate Dengue, a Viral infection

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Hypertension in Telemedicine

Hypertension in Telemedicine Definition : Hypertension is defined as persistently elevated blood pressure (Systolic BP above 140mmHg and Diastolic BP above 90mmHg).   Risks of Hypertension

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