The Use of HD Stethoscopes in Clinical Practice

FITTO Clinic is proud to announce the use of HD Stethoscope in clinical practice. These new generation stethoscopes are exactly what the doctor needed to get an even better, quicker and cheaper solution to your health problems.

How? This marvelous creation uses technology way beyond the scope of any healthcare centre! Not only does the doctor have an enhanced hearing ability with adjustable volumes, the stethoscope also offers your doctor different modes to listen to your heart and lung sounds separately.

Not only that, an app connected to the device shows a live time Phonocardiogram. What’s that? Visual graphs of your heart and lung sounds so that even the slightest anomalies are never missed! Along with that, it shows an ECG tracing too. Your doctor can screen for any heart rhythm abnormalities just from this stethoscope!

And the best part is yet to come…these features can be recorded and transmitted to another doctor so that you can get a 2nd opinion within minutes!

“This stethoscope has completely changed my practice. Now I can be sure I am not missing any heart sounds even in the noisiest of outpatient departments! And the real-time ECG is spectacular during a consultation.”
~ Dr. Abhijit Ray, Consultant, Internal Medicine

“Palpitations are a very common symptom and it has multiple possibilities. HD Steth lets me rule out cardiac causes in a flash!”
~ Dr. Sayonee Das, Trainee, Internal Medicine

FITTO Clinic is equipped with HD Stethoscopes in both Kolkata and Bangalore and used by specialists of multiple specialties including Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Diabetology, Gynaecology-Obstetrics and General Practice. Inter-departmental referral also has greatly improved after the use of these devices. FITTO-trained Healthcare Associates will soon be able to use these stethoscopes correctly to aid treatment protocols during online consultations.

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Dr. Abhijit Ray
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  • MBBS, MD (Int. Med.), ISHF, FACP, FRSM
  • Holds Certificates from Johns Hopkins University
  • Holds Certificates from Harvard Medical School
  • Gold Medalist Advanced ECG Interpretation American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine