FITTO is now Healthcare partner with Cricket Coaches from India and Cricket Coaches Forum India.             DailyHunt/OneIndia acknowledges FITTO's innovation on Telemedicine and Dengue.             We are India's first clinic to have HDSteth - The world's most powerful Stethoscope.             FITTO is now Healthcare partner with Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru            

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We are committed to making healthcare accessible for all. With just a few clicks, get access to the best doctors, information and an overall great consulting experience.

All patient records are kept confidential following strictest possible standards with tamper proof data and professional services.
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Health checkup at a reasonable price at FITTO Clinics


Health checkup
at a reasonable price
at our Clinics

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How we protect your Data?

A normal network stores data which can be accessed by just about anyone. But network owners can use their discretion and selectively give access to third parties. What a normal network cannot do is prevent visitors from completely changing crucial information. 


This is where Blockchain technology comes into the picture. Blockchain is a form of technology through which a secure network can be created to store data that is impossible to change. There are two main types: public and private. A private network like ours means that no one but the administrators can access or grant access.

Customer Data Protection & Storage at FITTO

Why Blockchain?

We value our patients’ trust, and the best way to uphold our customers’ trust is by employing the latest in data security. Hence we turn to Blockchain technology. It is the only type of network which does not allow the alteration of information by any person, and thus is the safest method of maintaining patient confidentiality.

FITTO utilizes a private Blockchain network with SHA-256 data encryption technology, ensuring that your medical records are in the safest of hands. So you can rest easy, knowing that your data is protected by the strongest line of defense the world has to offer.

This is How it is Done

Patient Info in Block Chain Format - FITTO

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We aspire to make healthcare accessible, affordable and safe for all. With better information, resources, technology, and doctors, our goal is to help everyone taking care of their health. It is our sincere hope to have you join us on the journey.

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Why you need FITTO - A Patient Management Software?

Why you need FITTO?

We offer patient management software trusted by professionals and virtually unmatched by any technology products in the industry.

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Our incredible partners are remarkable in their own right, and have worked tirelessly to help their community.
Meet some of our partners:

AmberTAG Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Sudheerdra's Skin & Hair Clinic - FITTO

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Sensor based STETHOSCOPE

  • Visualize heart sounds and ECG waveforms on a smart device
  • Help detect multiple cardiac abnormalities
  • Capture, record and replay patient heart sounds
  • Print and securely share patient reports
  • Sensor based STETHOSCOPE

    India's first clinic to have this stethoscope

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