Why You Should Try an Online Doctor’s Consultation?

In a world where different facets of our lives are being digitized rapidly and the last decade has seen the rise of commerce taking place largely online, it was only about time where we saw a fundamental component of society such as healthcare also move towards this paradigm shift. Healthcare is the foundational institution of society and the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare is paramount towards achieving a thriving and developing society. The development of modern medicine and new technological innovations in healthcare has seen the quality of life and treatment grow exponentially and people are able to find better solutions for their problems.

Since the development of innovative medical practices and the healthcare industry as a whole is growing rampantly, it is only logical that the development of the concept of accessing healthcare services be on par. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of healthcare in many ways, one of which is online doctor’s consultations. Services where patients can consult a doctor online has not only proved important during the pandemic, but also displayed the significance this approach can have in a society even after the pandemic.

A person’s health condition is quite an agonising part of life. Health and wellness are a vital part of how someone can carry out their day to day activities and lead a lifestyle that allows them to fulfill their goals and also live a life that does not pose forward and physical or mental restrictions.It is why it is important that healthcare services are developed in a manner that that allows society to access it easily and effectively without any obstacles along the way. Innovation in healthcare primarily consists of technological and scientific developments and new treatments, and although that is extremely important, it should not be limited to that. The affordability, availability and accessibility of those services should be focused upon so that it can create a society where anybody from anywhere can depend upon the healthcare system for when they need it.

Health care services providing online doctor consultations are bridging the gap between doctors and quality healthcare and patients by presenting a new and efficient approach to accessing healthcare services.

Consulting a doctor online tackles issues of accessibility and affordability without compromising on the quality of service. It allows patients a new medium through which they are never far away from sound advice coming from a professional and are never restricted in regards to their location, health condition or capability to afford service. It provides an upfront and straightforward approach to healthcare and reduces the hassles of a traditional approach to a doctor’s consultation. It also creates a new approach for doctors in how they are able to deal with patients by allowing for the creation of uniformity, efficiency and availability in dealing with people who need help.

Online doctor’s consultation services have a much more significant relevance in a country like India. India is a country with a diverse social and financial society that is spread out over a large country with a broad range of accessibility to healthcare depending on location. It is also a country with wide access to internet service. This means that although a quality healthcare service or an opinion from a trusted doctor may not be available everywhere an to anyone in the form of medical establishments, it can be achieved through online platforms that bring such services to the people without the challenge of proximity.

The role online healthcare and wellness services are playing and can play is immense and that is why it is significant to outline exactly why such a system can work for the benefit of the people, doctors and everything that comes in between.

The benefits of an online doctor’s consultations are based on a wide variety of factors. The main factor, however, is undeniably the ability to access consultation from the comfort of your own home. Not having the need to physically visit a health clinic, doctor or hospital removes a number of barriers between a patient and a consultation from a doctor. In cases where a person is unwell or unfit to physically visit a doctor or is in a remote location without access to suitable transportation, the person now has the opportunity to obtain professional medical care online and is not bound to any logistical difficulties.
The added benefit of having access to an online doctor’s consultation is also the fact that it proves to be most suitable in situations where someone is suddenly feeling ill and needs an opinion, they are to only get on their computer to find advice personally from a professional. A patient does not have to plan a visit or hope that a doctor is available at a medical establishment. An online consultation allows for more certainty and promptness when it is needed without any inconveniences, Someone does not have to ever doubt or self diagnose as healthcare is now available at your home experts.

The benefits of online doctor’s consultations are not just limited to the interaction between a patient and a doctor. The tools enabling this interaction can also enable the storage and documentation of such interactions such as prescriptions, important information and advice and instructions given by doctors during the consultation. This not only recrates the experience of a physical visit, but in many ways enhances the process. Patients are now able to keep a digital record of their consultation and are able to reference their sessions at any time with the utmost clarity. This also helps in saving time as doctors do not have to reiterate any key points constantly providing a lack of confusion.

Privacy and security are components that are important to any online service and with something as serious and important as an online healthcare service, these components are even more paramount. Hence, it becomes imperative that an online doctor’s consultation is safe and secure which allows patients to be at ease when they are going through their consultations. Technology enables patients to have their information completely private and unlike other healthcare options online, patients do not have to worry about situations of a digital vulnerability as doctors are certified and vetted before they are enrolled as online consultants and adhere to the same standards of healthcare and confidentiality as any physical consultation.

Another component about online doctor’s consultations are also the fact that they are quite cost effective than the alternative traditional healthcare services. Since a patient does not have to take into account cost of travel and logistics, which also happens to be the case for a doctor, it reduces any expense made on that part. Doctors also save a lot of time and hence the cost of their time substantially decreases. This is particularly significant for patients who need regular doctor visitations for ongoing treatments and checkups. It discards any hesitation on the patient’s part in regards to long treatments. This is also quite significant for people who do not have health insurance and countries where health insurances are less common.

Online doctor’s consultations also get rid of the worry of getting possible infections from places such as hospitals and health clinics where there are a number of patients who could have possible contagious infections. The covid-19 pandemic is a great example of a scenario where this is applicable. Patients who tested positive for Covid-19 and had to remain in quarantine had access to medical professionals and sound advice on their predicaments and how to deal with symptoms and other issues quite effectively without leaving the house and being a possible spreader of the virus or even catching it from others. In situations where people have a weak immunity or a communicable disease now have a great option to get a doctor;s opinion without leaving the house.

Patients often feel comfortable in getting a second opinion or multiple opinions on a particular issue they may be dealing with. An online doctor’s consultation allows someone to avoid the time spent on visiting a number of doctors from different locations by simply having access to a second opinion from a trusted professional at home. For example, if someone visits a doctor physically, they can get a second opinion online. In this sense, an online doctor’s consultation can act as a compliment or an addition to visiting a doctor physically at a traditional medical institution or clinic.

Online healthcare services also open the large array of possibilities to get consultations from specialists and some of the top medical experts from around the world. People who have conditions and problems that require the opinion of a specialist or would like to consult someone who has a great expertise in the field of medicine they are dealing with, they now have the possibility to get a consultation from such experts without having to travel to a different city or location. Specialists can now be available from anywhere and aid these patients in overcoming their difficulties. This can allow for a better diagnosis, treatment and eventually better care for patients who are vulnerable and have serious medical conditions.

The benefits outlined so far all put together look to reflect on a service that is catered to help people regardless of their circumstances of health and location. In working, it proves to be an efficient and hassle free approach for both doctors and patients and pushes the boundaries of the perception of modern healthcare.

FITTO Patient management is pushing this agenda of providing a service that caters to a patients every need and an all round health and wellness goto for people all over the country. FITTO focuses on how to make things as easy as possible and provide user experience that is seamless.The wait between scheduling an appointment with a doctor at clinics, getting lab tests and medicines at a store is valuable time lost. FITTO takes that waiting time away by providing verified doctors selected by FITTO and chosen by people for a virtual consultation, removing the hassle.

FITTO takes the responsibility of managing doctor’s consultations, tests and other diagnostics, hospitalization and post hospitalization needs all through its platforms. With FITTO, you can get medicines and lab tests done at your doorstep making it practical and efficient in fulfilling your healthcare requirements. FITTO has 18 different departments from cardiology to orthopedics and general practitioners. FITTO makes sure that every problem is attended to with the best care.

FITTO as a company does not only want to provide patients with a doctor’s consultation, but its goal is to be there hand in hand with patients to guide them through the complexities of understanding healthcare and helping achieve a solution that is right for them. FITTO’s large network in health and wellness makes sure you get trusted services and its technology driven platforms welcomes you to an open door to the best to cater your needs. FITTO also stands with you when things aren’t wrong, through a number of wellness solutions.FITTO connects you with the best solution for your wellness needs and assists you throughout the process, whether that is helping in managing your information, purchase of products or services. FITTO’s allows you access to professionals in mental health, dietary and nutrition and natural medicine and techniques for wellness amongst others so you can rely on FITTO to stay healthy and feel great all the time.

Online healthcare services and access to doctor’s constellations virtually is a new and important leaf in the development of healthcare service. FITTO is an organisation that hopes to make a difference to people’s lives and bring a sense of relief to all patients in helping overcome their struggles, whether small or big. It hopes not only to push forward its goal, but also contribute to a new chapter in India’s healthcare and wellness sector and build a healthier society so that people can achieve the quality of life they desire and deserve.

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