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AndhraJyothy recognises our International Conference on Clinical Innovations

Technology in health care needs to be more widespread

December 5 (Andhra Jyothi): Dr. Suresh Krishnamurthy, director of Kuppam PES Medical College, MD of Excel Care Hospital, believes that the technological approaches in health care are improving every year and there is a need to expand them to all areas, not just the cities. An International conference on clinical innovations was organized at PES University campus in collaboration with FITTO, a well-known patient management company in the country. Representatives of prominent institutions of the country and medical experts participated. On this occasion, Dr. Suresh Krishnamurthy said that clinical research and technology are moving towards progress, and the reason for this is that leading companies are giving priority to innovation. He said that Digital Health Mission in the country, Technology partnership in diagnosis of medicines and Artificial intelligence in diabetes management are key areas. FITTO’s adviser Bharat Vijay spoke. Amar (CEO), Dr. Laxman, General Surgeon, Shanti Hospital Research Center presided over the conference. PES University VC Dr J Surya Prasad and Registrar Dr KS Sridhar were participants.

ISfTeH recognised our Inventions

FITTO Patient Management, our sister company, has earned a major International recognition through ISfTeH. FITTO’s inventions THYDOR and VIDE are recognised, accepted and sent to 31 major countries including Australia, United States, several European countries, Japan and others.

ISfTeH (International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth) is an international forum with the purpose of facilitating the international dissemination of knowledge and experience in Telemedicine and eHealth and providing access to recognized experts in the field worldwide. 

FITTO is one of the members of ISfTeH and it is a proud moment for us that FITTO’s new products THYDOR and VIDE have been recognised at this international platform!