Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • 1. How to register? How do I book an appointment?

    You can register in by clicking on "Create New Account" and providing the required details. Click Here for the steps to register and book appointments yourself.


    Simply pick up the phone and call our helpdesk number to assist you.

  • 2. I want an appointment to be booked within the next 2 hours, can it be done?

    Sure, but that depends on the availability of the doctor. You can book an appointment if the doctor is available at your required time slot.

  • 3. Can I consult the doctor face to face (on-premise or offline or in Clinic)? Or can I opt for telemedicine?

    If the concerned doctor at your specified location is available for Clinic/House call appointment, you can book an appointment for the same, if not you can book an appointment for teleconsultation only.

  • 4. Is FITTO service available 24*7? Can I contact anytime, night also, in case of emergency?

    Our helpdesk is active to assist you from 7 am thru' 9 pm IST. For any emergency call your nearest hospital.

  • 5. I want to book appointment for another patient, and I have necessary details of him/ her available with me. Can I register on behalf of the Patient?

    Yes, you can register on the Patient's behalf. However, you will have to provide a valid email-id or mobile phone number of the patient to register and log in with. Please note that a verification link or a one-time password may be sent to the email id or mobile phone. Also, you will get all appointment related notifications on your registered email id or mobile phone that you have provided. International numbers for mobile phones are not allowed.

  • 6. For my appointment, I am not comfortable with online transfer, can I pay directly with cash? Can I pay after consultation?

    For Tele-medicine/ online consultation you must pay through Debit/ Credit/ UPI and other similar options. You can pay cash only when you have booked an appointment for House-call or Clinic visit, if available at your location.

    You must pay the fees before doctor's confirmation and then consult the doctor.

  • 7. Why can't I see the doctor face to face? Why should I opt for Telemedicine?

    Tele-medicine allows greater access to medical specialists. This eliminates travelling to the hospital/clinic and the consultation can be done with the comfort of being at home for the appointment. Anyone in India* can book the appointment and thereby providing substantial healthcare to all.

    1. You will be consulting the doctor face-to-face through video call.
    2. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic doctors are avoiding meeting patients personally.
    3. In the future, you can opt for Clinic or House call appointment if it is available in your location.
  • 8. Is FITTO providing a free service?

    You can register yourself with FITTO for free and access many specialists across your state or country and consult them at the comfort of your home. The doctor consultation fee is payable.

  • 9. Do I have to show the FITTO Appointment ID when visiting a clinic/hospital for my appointment?

    If you have an appointment confirmation e-mail/SMS, it could be useful when contacting helpdesk or at the clinic for queries or issues.

  • 10. Why are you listing Doctors if it is a walk-in clinic/hospital?
    1. The purpose of the listing is so that patient can easily search and find the right doctor.
    2. You can also choose from list of our doctors that you have visited in the past.
    3. Telemedicine consultation is one of the most sought-after service since the COVID-19 pandemic begin and you can book an appointment and consult the doctor from the comfort of your house anywhere in India.
  • 11. How do I know which doctor to choose?

    Based on your requirement you can choose a speciality, location, language and select a doctor.

  • 12. How do I know that my appointment has really been booked?

    You will receive a confirmation message and status updates through your registered email and/ or mobile number. In case of any issues pertaining to not receiving the messages please contact our helpdesk number. Also, your booking is not confirmed unless you pay. After booking is done, please wait for the online payment link to be sent to your registered email id/ mobile number. In case you have not received payment link it within 15 minutes of receiving your confirmation message you should call our helpdesk for assistance.

  • 13. What if my appointment is cancelled or rescheduled by the doctor's office? What to do then?

    We will contact you shortly through mail or call you to inform you whether the appointment was cancelled/rescheduled, or you can also call our helpdesk number if you have questions about your next steps.

  • 14. Is my Credit / Debit card information secure? I don't see any certification.

    We do not store any details of your card. The payment is made through authorized payment gateway, which is the standard secure way of transacting.

  • 15. I want to book a doctor outside India for tele calling. Can you arrange this for me? My relative stays in USA, looking for appointment here. Can you help me?

    International online consultations are not allowed according to the MCI guidelines. Sorry to inform you that this facility is not available.

  • 16. Can the doctor send a prescription online/ offline to me?

    Yes, you will receive the doctor's prescription in your email address or mobile SMS after the consultation. We are sorry, we do not recommend taking an offline prescription. You can also download your prescription from the “Past Appointment” section when you log into FITTO.

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