Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • How can I request a Refund ?

    You can select any one of the option given below:

    From the registered email ID, write a mail to and provide the following details :
    Patient’s Name, Appointment date and time , Doctor’s Name , Payment Transaction details.

    Call the Helpdesk number- 9900927935 and provide your details as mentioned above to the Support team asking for a refund .

  • When will I get my refund?

    Once the request has been received for refund, it will take 5-7 business days to  complete the refund.

  • What is the mode of payment for the refunds?

    We will refund the amount to the account you used to book the appointment .

  • Can I change the mode of payment of my Refund ?

    You can’t change the mode of payment for your refund. The amount will be transferred to the account through the payment option that you used to make the payment for booking the service.

  • I still have not received my refund, why?

    If we’ve sent you a confirmation on the approval of your refund, you will definitely get your refund within the time limit. Sometimes, we may face technical difficulties that can delay payment transfers. If the wait seems too long, please contact our Helpdesk on for support -  Helpdesk# : 9900927935


    If the refund transaction fails at your end, we’ll get in touch with you for your alternate bank account details. Once we get those, we’ll make sure that the transfer is completed successfully.

  • When can I request Refund ?
    • The service you have subscribed is in the scope of FITTO refund policy
    • When you subscribe and schedule a FITTO service/ consultation and pay for it. Then due to an emergency or due to an unavoidable circumstance, you have to cancel the consultation or FITTO Service. That is when you can ask for a refund provided that the rescheduling of the service/ consultation is not an option.
    • When you have paid for a service/ consultation and for some reason if the service is not delivered to you and the rescheduling of the service/ consultation is not an option, you can request for a refund.
  • Which services are not part of the FITTO Refund Policy ?
    1. VIDE
    2. THYDOR
    3. DSS
  • I have subscribed for VIDE /THYDOR /DSS , but I have not used it yet. Can I get a refund for this ?

    These services are tool-based one-time-use online services and once purchased can not be refunded.

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