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Sports injuries are common, but restoring natural mobility is the challenging part. So don’t ignore that limp. Consult our skilled physiotherapists in Bangalore and Kolkata.

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Injuries, issues with mobility and movements and muscle repair are common for people who deal with physical challenges, whether that is sport, accidents or strenuous work. Our team of physiotherapists help patients maintain the physical requirements the body needs to perform the best when needed. Our teams guide and navigate through the process of rehabilitation and also aids people with musculoskeletal disorders to retain their normal physical movement. Our team also specialises in providing speech therapy for patients who need to overcome their communication difficulties. To get back to finding the mobility you need, get in touch with one of our experts through the FITTO app or our website. Simply register and we will assist you in retaining the movement your body needs.

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FAQ - Physiotherapy

  • What can a physical therapist do?

    Physical therapists restore mobility & function, reduce pain and/or prevent disability. Common conditions where Physiotherapy can help include paralysis from Cerebral Stroke, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow etc.

  • What should I do for nerve pain?

    Nerve pain may be caused by a  pinched or damaged nerve. While focusing on the nerve is important, it is also necessary to manage the surrounding muscle spasms (if any).

    Heat compression is often found to be a useful home-remedy for nerve pains. Apart from this, stretching & strengthening exercises are also helpful.

  • How will a physiotherapist help a stroke patient?

    One of the major issues faced by Stroke patients are limb paralysis (inability to move the limb) or weakness in the affected limbs. Physiotherapy will help restore the functionality of the limbs. Also, some stroke patients suffer from speech impairments where Physiotherapists can be useful for vocal rehabilitation.

  • What exercises are recommended for those with hip injuries?

    Strengthening muscles around the hip joint to increase flexibility are modes of rehabilitation for hip injuries. 

    The exercises should be prescribed by a trained professional depending on the impact and extent of injuries.