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A key to living a healthy life is maintaining a perfect diet and nutrition. FITTO’s team of dieticians and nutritionists help in tailoring a diet and nutrition plan that works best for you. FITTO is guiding patients in managing weight, finding the right nutrition plan, and creating a diet based on their requirements and needs. Patients working with FITTO’s team are finding results as they are assisted based on their personal situation and are monitored by our experts to make sure that they are able to improve their lifestyle. To find the right plan for you, get in touch with one of our experts through the FITTO app or our website. Simply register and we will guide you in achieving a better quality of life.

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FAQ - Dietetics & Nutrition

  • What should be my ideal diet to stay healthy?

    A balanced diet comprising not only Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats but also minerals and vitamins in appropriate amounts are extremely important to stay healthy.

  • What is defined by an ideal fiber intake?

    A minimum intake of 20-35 g of fiber is conducive for long-term good health .WHO Committee on chronic degenerative diseases recommended a daily intake of 30 g dietary fiber. An intake in excess of 60 g of fiber over a day can reduce the absorption of nutrients and may cause irritation in the bowel and also lead to diarrhoea. The intake of 40 g/ 2000 kcal may be rationalized in different groups based on recommended energy intake.

  • What should be the diet during pregnancy?

    Folic acid, Calcium, Iron & Protein are required in higher quantities in pregnant women. Apart from supplements, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits are also recommended.