Stay safe from Post-Covid 19 complications

COVID-19 may have effects on your lungs, heart and brain even after you test negative. Consult now with our doctors in Kolkata and Bangalore for recovery from post-COVID symptoms.

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COVID & Post COVID Consultation at FITTO

Why choose FITTO for COVID Care

Covid-19 has become a harsh reality and our doctors are here to make sure that you get through it without any complications. Our team of experts have been guiding patients in not only dealing with the virus but also dealing with effects of the virus even after testing negative. Patients have reported post-covid weakness, difficult breathing and other symptoms even after getting the negative test results. These complications can be dealt with by getting in touch with our doctors through the FITTO app or on our website. Simply register and our team will aid you in overcoming the virus and make sure you stay healthy.

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  • How accurate are Rapid Antigen Tests?

    According to the CDC, FDA & ICMR,the RAT for COVID-19 have around 90% to 95%  accuracy.

  • I was diagnosed with COVID-19 last year. Can I get re-infected?

    Yes, previous infections with COVID-19 do not rule out the possibility of further infections.

  • I am vaccinated with both doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Can I still get infected with COVID-19?

    Yes, Vaccinations due to completely rule out the possibility of infections.

  • What is the difference between Delta and Omicron?

    Both are strains of COVID-19, each with its own characteristics. While the Delta variant (prevalent during the 2nd wave in India) was much more severe, Omicron has a much higher infectivity rate and poses its own dangers.

  • Why choose FITTO Covid Care?

    From Testing to Isolation Completion, FITTO provides a complete care. We pray you do not require any additional oxygen support, but in case you do, we can provide that as well.

  • I already have a pulse-oximeter/thermometer/N95 mask ….. Why should I avail FITTO Packages?

    FITTO gives you not only the instruments to check yourself, but also the expertise of healthcare professionals to help monitor your health based on these results.