Canada Approves Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Aged 12-15

Canada became the first country in the world to approve the two-dose Pfizer vaccine shots to children aged 12-15. “After completing a thorough and independent scientific review of the evidence, the department determined that this vaccine is safe and effective when used in this younger age group,” said Health Canada’s Chief Medical Advisor Supriya Sharma at a press conference on Wednesday.

“Third Wave of COVID-19 is Inevitable”, Scientists Warn

“Phase 3 (third wave) is inevitable, given the high levels at which this virus is circulating. But it is not clear at what time scale this Phase 3 will occur,” Dr. K Vijay Raghavan said at a government briefing. India’s surge in infections has coincided with a dramatic drop in vaccinations because of supply and delivery problems.

Delhi Government Launches a Website for Oxygen Support

The Kejriwal-led Delhi Government says all persons requiring oxygen for home isolation can apply on with a valid photo ID, Aadhaar card details and COVID positive report. ANI released the information on Twitter today morning, giving rise to new hope in a time of unprecedented tragedy.

Ministry of Finance Issues Statement Regarding the 3,000 Missing Oxygen Concentrators

The matter regarding a consignment of 3,000 Oxygen Concentrators lying with Customs Authorities came up in the Delhi High Court and was clarified by Nirmala Seetharaman today. Social media blew up over the news, however, the Ministry has stated, “We have again checked with our field formations and there is no such consignment lying with Customs…if anybody has information as to where it is lying, the same may be informed to us and we will take immediate action.”