EU Recommends Easing Restrictions on Vaccinated Travellers

The European Commission has recommended that foreign citizens fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and those coming from countries with a good epidemiological situation be allowed to travel into European Union countries without additional restrictions, Reuters reported.

Big Dip in Cases in Mumbai

After a record 11,209 cases in one day, Mumbai witnessed a huge dip in cases this Monday with only 2,624 cases detected in a 24 hour period, leading many to believe that the worst may be over. However, the death toll continues to rise with 78 fatalities recorded on Monday, twice the number recorded last week.

10 States Account for 74% of COVID Cases, Health Ministry Reports

“Maharashtra, UP, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Chattisgarh, MP, TN, Gujarat, and Rajasthan account for 74.15% of India’s new COVID-19 cases”, the Health Ministry reported. Among these states, Maharashtra, UP, Delhi, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, MP, TN, Gujarat, and Rajasthan show an upward trajectory of cases.