Even before the second COVID-wave could recede completely, cases have started to shoot up in many countries, indicating the onset of the third wave. Daily new cases globally rose to an average of 4.63 lakh on July 14 from 3.59 lakh on June 21. Russia, United Kingdom, South Africa and Mexico are some of the countries that have been hit by a significant surge in cases. Though cases are rising in many regions across the world, the situation seems particularly unfavourable in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. Indonesia had registered an average of 29.5 daily new cases per million population on June 14, which rose to 151.8 on July 14. Likewise, average daily cases per million population rose from 2.7, 178.2 and 39.7 in Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand to 21.8, 299.2 and 126.6 during the same period.